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The CashManager is a very flexible product which can be composed of different types of peripherals. Depending on the type of place where the solution needs to be installed we are able to offer the best fit in terms of capacity’s, processing speed, security, reliability and pricing.

Coin recycler

Coin recycler.

Supported currencies: €, $, ¥, £, ₽ and many more

Up to 60 mixed coins bulk acceptance

Lockable drop box for overflow coins


Coin capacity: €0,02 and €0,01: 550 coins, €0,05 and €0,10: 370 coins, €0,50 and €2: 230 coins, €0,20: 295 coins, €1: 260 coins.

Banknote recyclers

  Solutions for front office  
    Solutions for back office
  Medium Extra large
Currencies supported €, $, ¥, £, ₽ and many more
3 note recycling check check check check
4-5 note recycling     check check
6-7 note recycling       check
Bulk acceptance   check check check
Bulk dispensing   check check check
120-300 notes recycling check check check check
300-4000 notes recycling   check check check
Drop box at least 600 notes check check check check
Drop box at least 1000 notes   check check check

Metal casing

All our components can be supplied (option) including a strong and secure metal casing for easy integration in (existing) cabinetry.


H  500 – 700 mm  (depending on type)
W 450 mm
D  500 mm

Cabinet example 3Cabinet example 1Cabinet example 2