We are a company specialized in cash handling products

Our products and solutions can be found worldwide. We develop, manufacture and install quality products in cooperation with trustworthy partners.


Cash recycling

During the last decade we have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of cash handling devices and applications. Acting as a trustworthy partner we have managed to become a specialist and are proud supplier for small to big sized companies. Thanks to our expertise we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for all fields in (non) food retail, banking and financial services.

Self check out

In the year 2005 the introduction and deployment of SCO’s (Self Check out) in retail environment started to catch-up. It was during those years that we were selected as technology provider for large multinationals (like IBM RSS and Toshiba TEC) to complement the SCO’s with full recycling technology.

Automated tellers

Starting with distributing coin – note counters, sorters and counterfeit detectors we gradually started to develop solutions aimed to be installed at check-out’s. The first generation of our CashManager product family was the CM-1 coin dispenser. Connected to a POS (Point Of Sale) the system assured a very fast and accurate change (coins).

Our Story

This site provides a brief range of our developed solutions and supported product base.

But this in no way limits how we can help you with your payment needs. As a consistent player in the cash-handling market, with over a decade of experience with cash hardware, we are your go to source in providing an automated solution to any cash-handling desire you may have in any kind of environment.


Founded in 2002, the year the Euro was launched, with the goal to develop and supply state-of-the-art cash handling solutions for various markets.



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